How and when did you first find out about your 'psychic abilities'?

I learned of my psychic abilities when my daughter gave me my first set of Tarot cards about thirty years ago. It was a powerful experience to realize that a lot of things that I see come to pass.

How was it growing up with these special skills. Are they natural talents or did you study and develop them?

When I was about nine years old, I started off with an Ouija Board. To me it was a game that became a divination tool for me for years to come. I did not know at the time that I was tapping into the deepest part of myself as I played this game. From this experience I formed a more profound interest in the things that one can only sense but not see.

Do you think anyone can develop psychic skills?

It is my belief that each of us has intuitive insight but that not all of us choose to develop it. Some dream, others know things before they occur and just don't understand why. There are moments when things happen to people intuitively speaking that are out of the ordinary and most analytical thinkers would pass these occurrences off as unexplainable but not a psychic skill. The reality is that they too have experienced insight and choose not to recognize it for what it is.

What type of mentality do you think it takes to develop these skills?

First, an individual needs to be open to the fact that feelings that they have are real. That the little voice which exists inside of their minds is a force to be reckoned with. Meditation is a way to reach the divinity that lives within each of us. It gives way to answers that we all seek while at the same time relaxing us and giving us peace. It is the peaceful state of mind that allows for the development of intuitive thinking.

Are you able to turn your psychic abilities 'on' or 'off' when you want to? Do you have any rituals to turn them 'on'.

My psychic abilities remain in force one hundred percent of the time. I say this because the little voice in my head never goes away. I have made it a point to be focused on it through my daily reflections, prayers, and continuous acts of learning more about my sixth sense and perfecting my skills. I will share one of my rituals with you: I speak to the angels on a daily basis and I listen and search for signs that they hear me. The lights that blink all over my house tell me that they are here.

How did you get into doing psychic readings?

Since my daughter gave me that pack of Tarot cards. I decided to learn how to read them. I wasn't sure if I could truly read until I read for a lady for fun and what happened next was phenomenal. I told her that I saw a man wielding a knife and that she should be careful. The next morning I saw a picture of her on the front page of the daily newspaper. She had been stabbed to death in an alley. Needless to say I knew I had the gift of sight then.

What happens during a psychic reading?

There are times when I can feel my body tingling and I get a sensation that does not go away until well after a reading has ended. This happens when I make a very strong connection with the person that I am reading for.   I don't connect with everyone!

What is your primary tool for divination? What is your specialty?

My primary tool for divination are the Tarot cards because I like the imagery they present as well as the various spreads that allow me to focus on a particular interest of concern. I also utilize the Zee Board which is a very uncommon method of divination. I use this form to be more precise in the timing of events to come.

Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?

Through dreams I communicate with spirits that have passed on. This is not something that I can call up at will. This happens when the spirits are ready to speak to me.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your abilities or a good experience?

My most recent psychic experience came in the form of eagles landing on my fence, six of them to be more exact. They came to let me know that I am protected by spirit and that I am not alone. I know this because there are no eagles around where I live. It is important to note that we all have gifts and that it is a matter of making a decision to develop what we have been given. When I read for people I try to see the good above the bad and recognize that what is read is not written in stone. A person's reading can be changed should that person decide to take a different path. Psychic readings are a tool to guide and are not intended to become a definite ending for the seeker. It is best to have readings periodically and to not become dependent upon them.