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How and when did you first start discovering Tarot?

A wise 90-year old Italian gypsy lady named Sybll read my cards one day in 1999 in Houston Texas, and told me I was destined to read the cards as well.  Just a few years later, in 2003, I began reading the cards at Buzz Cafe on 6th Avenue and fulfilling her prediction! :)

What is Tarot really about anyway, how does it work?

Tarot is simply one of many tools for your subconscious mind to communicate what is present, what it is working on, what you need, or what lessons you need to learn in life.  Tarot in particular is excellent for focusing on very specific issues, versus astrology and palmistry, which focus more on inclinations, proclivities, and general purpose.

Tarot can be adapted to the subconscious mind's input on almost any topic affecting you.

When the tarot reader has you shuffle the cards, and asks you to think about your issue, your subconscious is invisibly choosing the very specific cards to answer your question, and the tarot reader is trained to and talented at recognizing the patterns in the cards to interpret the message your subconscious is conveying.   I have an excellent video here on this topic:

Can anyone read tarot? 

Even if you have never studied the cards or apprenticed under a tarot instructor, you can glean information simply picking up a deck of tarot cards, asking a question of the cards (outloud or firmly in your mind) and then picking just one card and turning it over.  Notice the way the imagery on the card makes you feel, and you are getting an inkling of what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you.  

If anyone can read tarot, why do we need to seek out readers?

Most professional readers like Sinata and myself have spent years reading for a wide variety of people, using many different decks, and regularly using decks that we are in tune with - meaning decks that reliably tend to give us more accurate readings.  You see, when you use a deck regularly that you feel good about and come to trust, there is less confusion and much more clarity in the cards in readings for yourself and others.

A good professional reader also sets the mind of a customer at ease, helping dispel fear, and present them with real, accurate information, helping them prepare to overcome challenges, or confirm good feelings, intentions and celebrate great results in life.

Finally, seasoned professional readers can perceive deeper connected meanings and structures between the card in readings that you might not recognize on your own.

Do you personally use any other tools to assist clients in understanding themselves?

I also do astrology charts and handwriting analysis.

What does an astrology chart tell me?

Your astrology chart is the "blueprint" for how you are designed in this lifetime.  (A soul has a chain of many connected individual lifetimes, through reincarnation).  Based on the signs of the zodiac, the arrangement of planets in signs and house at the time of your birth, and interactions between those planets, signs and houses (known as aspects) give a very large amount of information about you.

What does my handwriting reveal about me?

Handwriting is the imprint of the human mind at the moment of the writing.  It can reveal a person's thoughts and feelings about the topic they were writing about (not just the context of the words themselves, but how they are written on the page).  A person's health, attitudes, fears, outlook and abilities are all present in that writing sample.

Knowing what your handwriting is saying can be key if you are concerned about others see you and also getting a good barometer of how your mind is working at any given time.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your abilities or a good experience?

Through these tools, and my years of experience  (in addition to my psychology degree) I have very much enjoyed helping people discover accurate inner truths about themselves and being true to their purpose and goals that suit them.

I also very much enjoy helping people identify pending or current challenges and obstacles planning to deal with them successfully.

I believe successful people stay connected closely to their grand purpose, and take consistent action to reach their goals, while also giving back to communities in ways that suit their specific talents and passions.